Services Available

  • Canberra ISOCS surveys/support​
                    The ISOCS is a high purity germanium detector that, with appropriate modeling, has the ability to produce accurate quantitative                  assessments of the radionuclide concentrations for gamma emitting isotopes.

  • Historical Assessment

                  Detailed Historical Assessment is the key to a successfult site Chararcterization. Historical assessments consist of interviews                       with employees and review of records kept during the life cycle of a facility to determine areas with a higher probablity for                           contamination.

  • Radiological Remediation

                   Site remediation is performed to remove unwanted readiological contaminates or to ensure that the site meets the radiological                      conditions to support final status survey criteria for license termination.

  • Final Status Survey

                    The final status survey is performed to demonstrate that a facility or site meets the criteria for license termination and allows                        the site to be released for unrestriced use.

  • Characterization/License Termination

                      A radiological characterization survey is performed to determine the scope, magnitude, and constituents of residual                                       radioactivity within a facility. This is crucial to the development of a license termination plan.

  • Staff Augumentation

                       Idaho Nuclear Specialties can supply qualified personnel to Assist you in your project needs whether it is tech support,                                  engineering, or management.

  • Sample Analysis
                        Idaho Nuclear Specialties is preparing a lab that can meet the needs of companies and government agencies doing                                         remediation sampling or environmental sampling or environmental sampling for radioactive nuclides in waste streams.

  • Instrumentation Services

                               Our instrumentation services include calibration, repair, and rental. We have instruments for lease.
                                     -Eberline E-600

                                           Smart Probes for the E-600 Series
                                            -Ludlum 43-68                     -Ludlam 43-37-I
                                            -Ludlam 43-68/5                  -Ludlam 43-94
                                            -Ludlam 43-37                     -Eberline HP-360
                                                                                                                -Eberline SPA-3
                                    -Additional Instrumentation in our inventory:

                                           -Bicron Micro-Rem
                                           -Eberline RM-145
                                           -Bicron Micro-Analyst
                                           -Ludlum Model 3

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